Payment & Insturance

Payment & Insurance

We deal with all insurance companies in the UAE and our services are mostly covered by Daman for Thiqa patients.

Why Choose Pioneer ?

Reactive to the patients needs and daily necessities High standards of healthcare quality and qualified- licensed media.

Payment Insurance

Payment & Insurance

We deal with all insurance companies in the UAE and our services are mostly covered by Daman for Thiqa patients.

About Us

Pioneer Medical Services L.L.C. specializes in providing high-quality 24/7 home healthcare services. Our services include helping the elderly, convalescent, disabled people, and tailor-made domiciliary. We picked our medical team wisely from the most well-trained and professional people around the U.A.E. to present the best home healthcare assistance that can give you a more manageable lifestyle. With years of experience in helping with chronic illnesses, age-related challenges, mental health issues, and physical disability, besides long-term nursing and children’s home health care, we have enough experience to become a leading healthcare team around the U.A.E. At the same time, we are equipped with 24/7 ambulance coverage for patient transfer, consultancy, and facilities management. Basically, you can rely on us.

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Services We Offer

With our commitment to helping every person in need, we developed our services perfectly over the years. We now have a fleet of ambulances, medical and non-medical. At the same time, we have a trustworthy staff serving team with high service standards that paved the way for us to expand and develop a broad range of services and care demands.

Health Consultancy and planning

Your company, facility, or organization may be considering establishing medical clinics in UAE or any additional facilities, services or any type of projects in the medical field. In any circumstances, PMS provides strategic planning and consultancy in terms of feasibility study, business opportunity, healthcare project planning, costing and revenues, and healthcare programs.

Ambulance service

PMS provides professional ambulance transfer in Abu Dhabi to address the emergency preparedness requirements of our clients.We have a fleet of ambulances along with the team of paramedics as per DOH standards that can meet your company’s requirements for your emergency needs.


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Home Health Care Services

Pioneer Home Healthcare Service is under the management of Pioneer Medical Services L.L.C. We provide quality home healthcare.

Management Of Medical Facilities & Medical Manpower Supply

We can take the lead in setting up your medical facilities and hospital in congruence with DOH standards. Pioneer can assist you in planning, providing medical equipment, ambulance services, and medical manpower supply. Our company makes sure that your clinic management facility is in line with DOH standards. We can also support any patient repatriation services required for critical patients.


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